Health Design Solutions is a company focused on Providing Professional Services in the development and maintenance of Healthcare Estates in the UK and Internationally.

It is led by directors Chris Pye and Richard Lavine who have extensive experience in this field and have both led major companies in the UK and internationally.

Highly motivated and dedicated to the successful solution exemplar healthcare environments which benefit patients and staff—we offer a broad professional service ranging from full architectural and project management of major projects to consultancy on capital programmes and facilities management. With a wide resource base we are able to offer a comprehensive design service with full 3d drawing representation.

Company Profile

Health Design Solutions is a limited company based in the South East of the United Kingdom. It provides a broad range of design and management services to the Healthcare industry.

HDS is committed to supporting its clients visions and strategies in the pursuance of better healthcare for all. By ensuring a synergy between healthcare estate managers and consultants we produce exemplar and visionary solutions. HDS is constantly striving to develop world class health environments.

Your Estate designed by professionals-for professionals.

Our Vision

To excel in the highest design standards to deliver buildings of quality for our clients and to leave a legacy for future generations

“Open the door to your future.”

Our Design Ethos

Our reputation for excellence in design and successful delivery of numerous diverse building types is founded on the following 6 principles:

  1. Passion for design. Design drives all we do- there are no half measures; without passion we will only produce a mediocre product.
  2. Commitment to a sustainable future. We are committed to bringing sustainable solutions to the built environment as a norm not a speciality- a legacy for future generations not a quick fix.
  3. Client focused. No client = no job. We listen to and collaborate with you to produce the results that best match their needs.
  4. Teamwork. We are dedicated to team working to achieve the most from our individual efforts- playing to individual strengths but together not in unison.
  5. Professionalism and integrity. Treating everyone; staff, colleagues, clients and the broader end user with respect and in an honest way is the only way we wish to work; it is key to our existence.
  6. Hard work and enjoyment. Nothing good came from mediocrity- we strive to work hard to achieve our best.