Design briefs and accommodation schedules for the basis of just about all building projects and their preparation is us vital to the presentation of a business case. HDS have had extensive experience in the development of design briefs and accommodation schedules.

Design considerations, patient and staff wellbeing are key to our decision making process. We believe in engaging with the stakeholders to create a contextually appropriate solution to your development needs which responds to all aspects to successful health design.

We ensure that any basis for a Health Care project is ecologically grounded and has a sustainable development strategy that is customized to the site, environmental conditions, and climate; uses local building materials and indigenous plants; achieving the best outcome in design tested terms.

“A healthy place to work in and visit.”

HDS use the ADB “Activity Database” software and can produce all your room data sheets which would cover space and finish requirements, furnishings and environmental data.

We use ADB software in the preparation of accommodation briefs. ADB is a toolkit that is used in conjunction Health Building Notes and Health Technical Memoranda. The software is provided by the Department of health in the UK and provides a robust and comprehensive methodology.

Room data sheets provide an activity-based approach to building design and include data on personnel, planning relationships, environmental considerations, design character, space requirements and graphical layouts. Schedules of equipment/components are included for each room, which may be grouped into ergonomically arranged assemblies.

Schedules of equipment can also be obtained at department and project level.

Reference data is supplied with ADB which may be adapted and modified to suit the users’